2 thoughts on “Little Children

  1. colorgirl2502 says:

    So precious. :) I just read that you live in North Georgia. I am so surprised because I live in South Georgia. :) You have some very beautiful art and I am glad you decided to share it with a broader audience. :) Let me know if you have any for sale, your landscapes are gorgeous.


  2. susandwaters says:

    Hello! Thank you for affirmative comments. I am so glad you are enjoying the paintings. It’s an interesting coincidence that we are both in Georgia. Maybe that’s why you connected with the landscapes…
    I began the website last year with the idea that I could conveniently show my work to galleries or to art festivals. I am uncomfortable with promoting, pricing and sales and really just want to paint, so as yet, I haven’t sorted the work to show what’s available nor set up as a commercial site with prices and checkout options. Maybe this year. No matter what, I am going to keep painting and posting and really appreciate you bolstering my confidence!
    Best wishes on this rainy day.


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