Magnolia Garden Tour

#85. Magnolia Garden Club Annual Pond and Garden Tour, 2021, waterfall and sculpture at one of the featured homes “Lucky’s Load”, plein air, in oil. (Special “thank you” to organizers and hosts.)

2 thoughts on “Magnolia Garden Tour

    • susandwaters says:

      This is a water feature centered around a dump truck that crashed into a fire hydrant. The scene was recreated and water spurts from both sides of the hydrant and forms a stream, is piped up into the truck bed and out through the sides to cascade over various other props such as a wheel barrow full of bricks. At the back of the truck bed is a sculpture of a little girl playing (tennis) ball with a spaniel. It’s difficult to see the dog in the painting as it has its back to the viewer.
      Hope this helps.


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