Small Works Sampling

These paintings, plus some from earlier posts, are part of the Alpharetta Paint The Town Mini Works offered for sale and as donations in the city center on 5.11.2023.

#20. The Laborer, 6″ x 6″. This a large metal sculpture in the park behind the Alpharetta Courthouse.

#21-24, 4″ x 4″ in oil.

3 thoughts on “Small Works Sampling

    • susandwaters says:

      Yes! It’s an interesting sculpture fabricated from sheets of metal and is deceptively large. From this angle the legs hide a stairway into the “load” and a place to sit. Unnoticeable from the outside, the structure has pinholes that give a starlight effect to the climber.


      • William Crawford says:

        Stairway and pinholes, all go ideas for heavy lifting. Thank you for these details!


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