Painting Over

A few days ago, I stood in front of perfect rows of sunflowers. They were glorious and impervious to the humid 90oF temperature. I wilted. Not pleased with my work, even after a later attempt to resolve the jarring yellows and greens, I merged my palette puddles and painted over the offending field. I don’t do this often, but it’s usually liberating. This time however I found particular delight in the paint-over process and the design that emerged, so – my first “Abstract”!

Here’s the before and after…

#108. Ty’s Sunflowers, plein air

#109. Abstract Landscape I

Garden Arbor

#87. Attig’s Arbor, plein air in oil. This, and the following posts were painted during the “Paint the Town” Plein Air event in Alpharetta, Georgia. The work of all the participating artists is displayed at the Alpharetta Arts Center until May the 29th at noon. Special thanks to the remarkable organizers of this event.