Golden Moons

I painted cards to experiment with gold leaf. It was fun, but am not sure whether I’d use it in a regular landscape painting as I found it unpredictable (tiny stars, fire sparks… maybe?). Depending on the viewer’s angle of available light, the gold is dark or light, altering the composition.

#’s 130-141. Acrylic and metal gold leaf sketches.

Painting Over

A few days ago, I stood in front of perfect rows of sunflowers. They were glorious and impervious to the humid 90oF temperature. I wilted. Not pleased with my work, even after a later attempt to resolve the jarring yellows and greens, I merged my palette puddles and painted over the offending field. I don’t do this often, but it’s usually liberating. This time however I found particular delight in the paint-over process and the design that emerged, so – my first “Abstract”!

Here’s the before and after…

#108. Ty’s Sunflowers, plein air

#109. Abstract Landscape I